Everything you need to know about your invoice

Do you have questions about your invoice? We have collected the most commonly asked questions here. If you can’t find the answer for your question you can contact us through

In our customer portal, you can see your services, invoices and you can also report if a service is down. You can find the portal and our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently asked questions about invoices

Contact us at for more information on how to start using our portal.

You can see invoices yourself in the customer portal. From there you can also print a copy of the invoice.

Yes, just email the relevant information to so we can activate EDI invoice.

Email and state to which address you wish to receive the invoices.

Yes we can. Invoices are emailed out in PDF format. Email and state to which e-mail address you wish to receive the invoices.

On the second page of the invoice there is a specification with more information.

We can send a detailed Excel report as a complement for the invoices. Email and send the account number you want the report for as well as the e-mail address you want the report to.

You can access all invoices and see all active agreements in our customer portal.

Frequently asked questions about payment

The bank details are on the footer of the invoice.

If you believe that the invoiced amount does not correspond with the agreement, please create a case for the invoice in the customer portal. You can also email

If the invoice has not been paid despite the reminders sent, the invoice will be sent to debt collection and will be handled by Intrum. Please contact Intrum for more information.

Email and state the invoice number on both the credit invoice and the invoice number on the invoice that you want to pay / pay in installments with the credit.

Yes. Email with the credit number and the bank details. We can only refund the amount that is owed on the account as a whole. Any open invoices will be booked with the credit and the difference will be refunded to your account.

In exceptional cases, we can move the due date forward, but this is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please email and state the reason why you wish to advance the due date.

No, if no mistake is made on our part. If the invoice is not paid on time, a reminder fee of SEK 60 will be added to the next invoice.

This is due to the reason why the invoice has been collected. Please email and enter the invoice number so we can assess whether there are reasons to revoke a debt collection claim.

If you know that the payment is not related to a credit note, the payment is most likely compensation for a land lease. Please contact our customer service that handles questions regarding land lease agreements through this link.

Frequently asked questions about agreements

GlobalConnect generally applies three full calendar months’ notice if the contract period has expired.

Yes, but an administrative fee of SEK 5,000 (excluding VAT) for handling the transfer is invoiced to the new contracting party. The form can be downloaded via the Customer Portal.

Agreements etc. can be found on the customer portal.

On our customer portal, you can create a ”billing/agreement”-case on the service you wish to terminate. We will then send a formal termination confirmation as soon as the case is handled.